20130716_183245Those of you that have followed me from the start, know that I’ve come a long way since what I first had and done. Over the last few years I’ve decided that I wanted to get into web design properly and hopefully one day, make a career of it. I have gone through all different designs for my site, constantly changing it and learning along the way, so for me, any feedback on how it looks, what works and doesn’t is all good feedback and helps me even more.

By now you’re probably wondering what this site is about and why I keep changing it around, well, let me tell you. As well as web design, I also enjoy photography, again, something else I would like to mix in with my web design as part of my career. All of the photos you see on this site, will be my own photos, taken and edited by me. Over time, I hope to improve the site more and more as well as my photography and the content on the site.